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CREWS Swimming

Conditioned REsponse Water Safety

Swimming safety is critical to every child’s well-being. One of today’s foremost experts on drowning prevention, Peter Ruffu, talks about important things you have never heard before. And his safety swimming programs are changing the ways people think about this important topic.

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Actor Sean Kanan (Pt 1)

Actor Sean Kanan (Pt 2)

More Content Please – Why Content Marketing is Valuable

by Lisa Caprelli

The common denominator I find that CEO’s and business owners need is: more content! It is not enough for you to build a website and social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. You need a 180 degree strategy that incorporates all the tools available to your business – many of them are free.

Incorporating content into a long term strategy for your online presence is key. You want content and stories that are valuable to the reader, interesting and shareable to allow you to capture and engage your audience.

I have helped CEO’s and business owners retool their messages, speeches and presentations into appropriate channels such as social media, blog article contents, then into e-books and radio messages. Retooling this information actually saves them time and gives a significant return on their resources.

Here are a few tips to increase your content marketing:

  1. Take out the sales pitch. Educate — don’t sell. You know how your product or service can benefit others. Show them.
  2. Digital Media can be Multi-Purposed. Use your radio message and turn it into an Itunes channel. You can also take a 30 second radio ad and create a YouTube video for it and cross promote it on Google, Facebook, and your e-mail newsletters. There are so many more sharing opportunities in this regard.
  1. Whatever you find yourself talking about over and over again – blog about it. Write it down and develop a finished story for your customers. Holding it all in your head does no one any good. Your customers want you to share your knowledge and expertise.

Do something relevant! For more information on how you can incorporate a PR strategy and rely on someone to help you build your brand, contact Lisa Caprelli, Radio Talk Show Host, Business Promoter and Social Media Consultant.

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Tuesday, July 30

9 Ways 2 Win with Paris Alexander Hough (Mission Viejo)

Wednesday, August 14

Wines & Wishes Summer Tour (Make A Wish) (Kaleidescope Mission Viejo)

This Is What Business Owners Say About The Business Experience Show’s
Lisa Caprelli

"Lisa Caprelli is an impressive businesswoman with tremendous entrepreneurial skills. I have witnessed her ability to tackle problems and resolve them with elegant solutions. I have collaborated with her on various aspects of professional marketing and she has always exhibited superior skills. She always gives 100% all of the time. I am pleased to write this recommendation for her.

Theodore M. Hankin Estates,
Probate and Trust Division, LWMpartners.com

"Lisa's work on The Business Experience Show is top notch, and appearing on the show was a real pleasure for myself and the entire Moonlight Graham team! The only show we have encountered that gives a full hour to entrepreneurs, and each week information is gained that can only help our business."

Bart Silberman, Founder & Creative Director, Moonlight Graham of Orange

"Lisa has a knack of bringing the right people together to make things happen. Her pleasant demeanor is only matched by her professionalism and sage business skills. Her weekly radio show delivers guests to the mainstream on important personal and business matters. I am proud to have worked with her and hope for more opportunities in the future."

Michael Lloyd, Media Consultant, The Media Guy

"Lisa is a wonderful person, she is sure of her goals in life. Kind in every way; always making sure ‘you’ or the ‘group’ of people that she is working with feel as if they are invested in the project just as she is. If you are thinking about working with Lisa, you have my strongest recommendation. Not only is she a wonderful friend, you can count on her. I do!"

Howard Drescher, Production Manager / Assistant Operations Manager, KLAA AM 830 - Angels Baseball

"I have engaged Lisa Caprelli to assist several clients with their strategic marketing, planning, and implementation. She has worked successfully for clients involved in start-up and turn-around situations. She is very results oriented, thinks outside-the-box and individualizes the her approach, solutions and work product to the clients needs. I recommend her to you without qualification."

Phil Ehrlich, Attorney at Law

"Great radio show! One of the few live shows especially for local businesses."

Chuck Bankoff, Director of Web Services and Digital Marketing Strategist

"Lisa is a very creative person and it shows when it comes to her marketing skills. What's awesome about her is that she's very enthusiastic to help."

Andrew Vargas, Entrepreneur

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Michele Kanan

Entertainment Producer

As a mother of five, married to a TV and film actor, Michele Kanan knows all about multi-tasking – which comes in handy in her career as a producer. She catches us up with the latest projects and tells us about networking & pushing projects through Hollywood.

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Attorney Phil Ehrlich

NY Business Attorney

Mistakes that people make when starting a business discussion with Attorney Phil Ehrlich.  He is a New York business transactional lawyer representing entrepreneurs, startups, established corporations, financial institutions, and lenders both domestic and foreign.

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Friar Tux

Tuxedos, Suits, & Formalwear

This family owned network of formal clothing stores has been dressing Southern California’s sharp dressed men for red carpets and close-ups since 1974. Friar Tux gets recognized for their strong brand leadership by Orange Label Art + Advertising and talks about staying on top while trends continuously change.

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9 Ways 2 Win

Paris Alexander Hough

She is changing lives in business and beyond with her program 9 Ways 2. Paris Alexander Hough talks to our team about transforming your mental state into success. Her next introductory program in Orange County is on June 25th. Visit her website for details.

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Prosperity Center

Next Event: Entrepreneur Idol on June 13

The goal of The Prosperity Center is to help those with limited resources explore the power of small business ownership and its power to transform lives. Santa Ana-based Executive Director Cassandra Novak-Tobey talks about the group’s mission, upcoming events, and how you can be involved.

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